Friday, December 24, 2010

Two men + Christmas music = LOVE

"Noticing Nigel" a Male/Male erotic Christmas Short Story

“Noticing Nigel” Blurb:
Matthew is singing in a choir for a special Christmas presentation of the oratorio, “Messiah” by Handel. He’s a tenor soloist. But his eyes are on one of the basses, Nigel, a deliciously muscular and well-built man with sparkling eyes and golden-brown hair.
Matthew takes his courage in both hands at the full-dress rehearsal, and invites Nigel out to lunch, then to dinner.
But can this be more than a one-night stand?


Nigel's dick was so hard it was almost bursting out of his uniform pants. If he didn't get them off soon they'd be pushed out of shape and unwearable for the concert. He and Matthew were still holding hands, so he turned in toward the man after whom he lusted, and pulled gently on Matthew's hand. "I want you so bad," he whispered.
"I think I've wanted you ever since I first saw you. You are so muscular and strong. I need to see you out of that stupid uniform."
"Let me undress you first," begged Nigel.
He slid his hand out of Matthew's, and reached for the necktie, which Matthew had loosened in the car on the ride home. Nigel wiggled the knot a little more, and pulled the short end free, unraveling the half-Windsor. He dropped the necktie onto the dresser and ran his hands over Matthew's chest. "Mmm," he hummed a he slid buttons free one by one.
Nigel's cock was bursting, but he held onto his control with an iron will. He wanted this first time to be good. The tent in the front of Matthew's pants showed he was ready, too. Still, restraining himself, forcing himself to go slowly, Nigel slid the last button in Matthew's shirt free, then ran his hands over Matthew's delicious chest, tweaking the pink nipples as he passed. "Damn, you're sexy," he muttered as he pushed the shirt sleeves down Matthew's arms. Matthew shrugged the shirt off.
Nigel ran his hands down to Matthew's belt and unbuckled it, then unsnapped the catch on Matthew's pants before sliding the zipper down slowly and carefully. Matthew's erection was huge and Nigel didn't want to risk damaging that delicious, big cock. He wanted Matthew's cock inside him, pounding away, not with zipper scratches on it!

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